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This web page is a summary on the disribution of the Conograph software.
Conograph can execute peak search, powder indexing and refinement of unit-cell parameters using powder diffraction patterns.

The newest version for Windows/Mac OS (released in October 2015) is available from the web page of Z-Code(or old website).
If you cannot access the web page, please contact me by using the e-mail address in the Conograph manuals.
The CUI of the previous version can be downloaded from here.

Table 1: List of files
manual_win_en.pdf Manual for Windows OS. Also attached to the software.
manual_mac_en.pdf Manual for Mac OS. Also attached to the software.


Small revisions for output cells.
A bug recently found in codes for indexing computation was fixed. This bug does not seem to generate much difference in results.
The newest version of Conograph was released.
Conograph for Windows had a bug which frequently displays an error message window if the system language uses commas as a decimal point. This was fixed in the current version.
A bug caused by combination of Visual Studio C++ and a parallel computing by OpenMP was fixed. This bug was bringing the software to a halt at the time of initialization of some static const parameter.
The "Minimum Mwu" in "Advanced Indexing Parameters" frame was set to a wrong value when the software was started. This error that increased compuation time for Bravais lattice determination was fixed.
The manual document was updated.
Several bugs including the following in Bravais lattice determination were fixed. The function to check uniqueness of indexing solutions was added in the released newest version.
An event problem caused by terminating the program after peaksearching was fixed.

How do I report bugs?

You should send us a bug report with all of the input and output files attached (including LOG_CONOGRAPH.txt) to the following e-mail address:

How do I cite Conograph?

If you use Conograph in your research then we strongly encourage you to include a citation of the following article in the bibliography.

The other publications about methods of Conograph are listed below:

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